Boat Dock Update

October 15, 2013 in General News

2/28/14  The boat dock has been secured by a local dock company to prevent it from breaking loose in the event of another flash flood event.  There will be a lake park clean up March 15th.  Volunteers are needed.  More information coming soon.

10/15/13    The BOD and Dock Committee are currently working on securing the CPOA Boat Dock that broke loose during the recent flash flooding on Sunday, October 13. The dock is currently grounded, however with more flooding in our forecast, we hope to secure it as soon as possible.  If you decide to walk down to the cove, please watch for snakes!


June 11, 2013 in General News

Congratulations to the new CPOA board members – William Crowley, Jr. and Ralph Gagne.  They will be joining Martha Calhoun, Alan Anders and Amanda Wylie for the coming year.  The Annual Meeting minutes are already posted under the Documents tab.  Many thanks are extended to retiring board members Marty Muse and Rosalinda Forsythe.


May 7, 2013 in General News

The CPOA Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 18th at the Crosswind playground.  Please sign-in between 9:30 am and 10 am.  The meeting will begin promptly at 10 am.  This year there are two director’s positions to be filled.  If you didn’t mail your ballot in already, bring it to the meeting.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Important Pending Water Rate Legislation

March 6, 2013 in General News

Dear Neighbors,

Most of you remember, and many were involved in, the lengthy, complicated, and contentious fight we had with our water co., Inverness Utility/SWWC, two years ago.  You may also remember that one thing which came as a shock to many of us was the problematic current regulatory structure, which gave unfair advantages at every turn to the utility co.
The good news is that in the current legislative session there are bills proposed which would even the playing field and give us a better chance in future battles with our utility when it next seeks to increase its rates.  Copied below is a recent e-mail from Orville Bevel of TAMER, the grassroots organization which has led the fight against the private water companies from the beginning, which lists these bills along with some brief commentary.  In order to keep this e-mail smaller, instead of attaching the texts, here are links where the full text of each bill can be found:

SB 567:  link
HB  1456:  link
HB 1457:  link

The TAMER website is a great source for more information:  CPOA has donated $1,300 to TAMER over the last three years.

Mr. Bevel asks that we get on board and contact our State Representative and State Senator and ask for their support of these bills.  He requests phone calls and letters, but if all else fails, please send an e-mail.  Attached herein are sample letters to Sen. Troy Fraser and Rep. Paul Workman which you can use as a starting point.  Feel free to change, adapt, lengthen, etc., these as you see fit, but please send your thoughts in some way to these gentlemen.  During the last “water war”, Rep. Workman was quite interested and helpful, but it is important to let him, and Sen. Fraser, know how crucial it is to pass some strong legislation in this area.
The mailing addresses for Sen. Fraser and Rep. Workman are on the sample letters.
The phone numbers are:
  Sen. Fraser:  512-463-0124
  Rep. Workman: 512-463-0652.

  If you decide to send an e-mail, you can do it here for Sen. Fraser:  and here for Rep. Workman:

Finally, please let the BOD know after you make your call, send your letter, or submit an e-mail.  You can simply respond to this e-mail with a quick note.  We’d like to have an idea how many contacts are made.
Thank you.

Rep. Workman letter

Sen. Fraser letter